Architects' statement

The designer of the original architectural concept of the house is the KAAMA studio. The redesign and current project were created by the Podlipný Sladký Architects studio.

The U Pernikářky 7 apartment building is located on a street of the same name in Hřebenka, a traditional residential quarter of Prague 5 consisting of villas and apartment villas that are surrounded by lush greenery. The land itself is located on a south-facing slope, placed between a park full of tall mature trees, and a neighboring semi-villa. Its position thus allows the building to be open towards the south, into a tranquil garden, belonging to the apartments on the lowest floors.

Architectural and Mass Solution:
The mass solution of the house is designed in the form of superimposed, flat blocks which are slightly turned towards one another – the individual apartment units. This kind of slight turning and mutual protrusion contributes to the elegance and lightness of the building and gives a pleasant and intimate dimension to its facade. While the specific part of the facade that faces the street and neighboring land is divided by narrow belts of French windows, the south and garden-facing facade is richly glazed and features imbedded loggias with beautiful views of the Motol creek valley and the quarter of Košíře. The top floor of the building is designed as a receding floor with spacious terraces (south, east and/or west-facing). The entrance hall and the driveway accessing the car elevator system are directly connected to the sidewalk on U Pernikářky Street.

Material Solution:
The facade of the main mass of the house is designed to feature light sanded plaster with slightly imbedded lines of dark tiling and French windows. The facade of the lowest floor facing the garden, as well as the highest, receding floor and the entrance of the building are covered in large-scale tabular tiling in the color of oxidized copper. The panels between the windows in the south-facing facade are completed with dark glass tiling. The street fence consists of vertical steel profiles, which are placed on a concrete foundation wall.

Dispositional Solution:
The building consists of ten luxurious apartment units, two on each floor. Dispositions of the apartments are designed to meet the requirements of comfortable family housing with large living space and abundant storage. The apartments are functionally divided into a “social zone” (entrance hall, facilities, kitchen and living room) and a “private zone” (bedrooms, cloakrooms, bathrooms, study).
The lowest residential floor offers two apartments with gardens. These include a closed space, designed as storage for garden furniture & sporting equipment. The three regular floors feature multiple three-bedroom apartments available in two dispositions. All of these apartments include a spacious loggia, adjacent to the living room.
The highest floors feature two unique maisonette apartments whose social zone is situated on the highest floor, directly connected to a terrace with breathtaking panoramic views; while the private zone is on the floor below.
The onsite underground parking garage for common use is easily accessible from the street via a car elevator.

Ing. arch. Luděk Podlipný, Ing. Martin Sladký
Podlipný Sladký Architects

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